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William Scott SBX

19 year old Snowboard Cross Athlete from Val-des-Monts, Outaouais, QC 
competing in the World Cup, NorAm and FIS circuits.

A kid with a dream

My dream is rooted deeply within my soul, my love for the outdoors started pretty much when I was born!  Many of my early memories are backwoods camping and exploring with my mom and dad.  To this day, my passion for being out in the elements drives me to push my limits towards greater accomplishments.

My snowboarding dream is rooted in my desire to feel the wind on my face.

I started snowboarding at age 4, I loved the cool, crisp bite of wind and snow on my cheeks and nose and felt like I was flying.


At age 12, I had the opportunity to race at a local grassroots event... racing with my friends on a real SBX track was the coolest thing EVER!! The nervous feeling you get when lining up in the gate with three other racers, waiting anxiously for the gate to drop... and BOOM there’s that feeling of total focus, total commitment, total... FUN!

I was hooked on SBX racing from that moment on.


My SBX dream is also deeply rooted, my biggest motivator in developing as a pro athlete is quite simple, I want to WIN, not for glory but simply because the winner gets the most runs on the track.

Thats right, I just want to run the track again!

With each successful knockout qualifying heat, I get to run the track again! The countless hours in the gym, the repetitive on snow training of the smallest movement to create muscle memory, the strategic analysis going over videos to learn from my mistakes... It all becomes worthwhile to me during those seconds of on track action when I get through the heat and, you guessed it, I get to run the track again!

If you would like to join me in this journey, follow my instagram or facebook page, share this site with your friends or donate to this Kid with a dream.

Follow the yellow pants!

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